Undiagnosed Fractures Compensation

Have you suffered from unnecessary pain and suffering due to an undiagnosed fracture? We can help you claim compensation for the suffering and distress that you have been forced to go through.

Fortunately, the majority of fracture injuries are treated successfully at hospital. On rare occasions though they are not diagnosed or treated correctly due to errors or negligence. Injuries Direct can help you claim compensation if you have been through this difficult ordeal.

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Fractures and broken bones can occur in a number of ways; often as a result of a slip of trip. The majority of these accidents are recognised when the patient visits a hospital A&E department and are treated successfully. Unfortunately there are cases where a fracture is missed, or is misdiagnosed as something else. If you have found yourself in this situation, we can help you claim undiagnosed fractures compensation.

It is the responsibility of the A&E department to determine a patient’s fracture. They should be able to recognise a fracture by how the accident was caused, the resulting symptoms and then back this up with an x-ray examination. A common misdiagnosis of a fracture is that the doctor believes it is only a sprain and therefore sends the patient home with painkillers. In other cases x-rays may not be taken at the right angle to pick up the fracture, so the doctor doesn’t believe the patient has one despite their symptoms.

On the other hand, a doctor may opt against carrying out an x-ray as the patient’s symptoms don’t match that of someone who has fractured a bone. These cases are rarer but can lead to painful, unnecessary injury for the victim.

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Undiagnosed Fractures Symptoms

Failing to treat a fracture is dangerous for the patient and can result in longer-term difficulties. Some of the symptoms to look out for that could suggest a fracture include:

  • Bleeding
  • Dislocation
  • Localised Pain
  • Numbness
  • Paralysis
  • Swelling
  • Weak pulse below the fracture

Undiagnosed, late or misdiagnosed fractures can cause severe, unnecessary pain and may affect the healing process of the area. In more severe cases this can cause incorrect growth and even permanent disability due to the body part’s immobility.

Furthermore, a patient may have to undergo a serious operation to repair an area that has been affected by an undiagnosed fracture. This can lead to anxiety and stress that going to hospital inevitably brings, particularly when your trust in medical professionals may have been compromised as a result of their negligence toward you.

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One of the most common undiagnosed fractures is a Scaphoid fracture. This is a bone inside the hand that often fractures because of someone reaching out to break the impact of their fall. Scaphoid fractures often go unnoticed as the bone is inside the joint meaning there is less visible swelling. However, failure to diagnose the condition can lead to serious complications including permanent joint stiffness and arthritis in the area.

Making an Undiagnosed Fractures Claim for Compensation

At Injuries Direct we can provide you with an experienced medical negligence solicitor for making your undiagnosed fractures claim for compensation. These claims are especially complex and therefore acquiring the services of a knowledgeable solicitor is vital. From start to finish we sort out all of the details of getting you the money you are entitled to, meaning you have more time to recover from your ordeal.

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