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Many people suffer from tinnitus in the UK. If it was caused from exposure to high levels of noise at work then you may be able to claim compensation for your condition.

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Recognised as an injury in its own right, tinnitus is an extremely unpleasant and debilitating condition. The word tinnitus derives from the latin word ‘tinnire’, meaning to ring. Although sufferers are often characterised as suffering from ringing in one or both ears, many hear different noises, such as whistling, buzzing or humming.

Tinnitus is a surprisingly common condition, with 4.7 million people in the UK estimated to suffer from it. In many cases the symptoms are mild, but 5 in 1000 people report that their tinnitus is so bad it seriously affects their quality of life.

Who can make a claim for compensation for tinnitus?

Making a claim for tinnitus is possible in many different circumstances. Maybe the tinnitus was caused by a road traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, or was the result of an assault. In both cases a claim should be possible. The most common base for tinnitus claims however is after exposure to loud noise at work which has left the worker with the condition.

Employers have a responsibility to protect their employee’s health and safety, and this includes protecting their hearing. Employers have been required to provide ear defenders to employees if their work involves exposure to loud noise for many years now. In April 2006 the level at which ear protection is legally needed was set at 80 decibels.

If you have suffered tinnitus due to your work environment then you should be able to claim compensation for your condition. In the past tinnitus claims have also been made against companies who are no longer in business, as compensation is sought in all cases from the present or past insurance provider for the firm.

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Making a tinnitus claim

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