Spinal Injury Claims

If you have suffered a spinal injury then it is advisable to get specialist legal advice about your situation and rights. Trust in our knowledge and experience and we can get you the compensation needed to start rebuilding your life.

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Around 1000 people suffer an injury to their spinal cord in the UK every year. Many of the injuries happen to young adults in their teens and early twenties. Any spinal injury has a serious effect on the sufferer’s life and the life of their family too, compounded by the fact that such injuries usually have life long implications. Unfortunately, a majority of spinal injury sufferers suffer some degree of paralysis (both paraplegia and tetraplegia) from the injury and have to spend the rest of their life in a wheelchair.

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Common causes of spinal injuries

Spinal cord injuries are usually sustained in high impact traumatic accidents. Spinal injury claims take place when someone is injured through no fault of their own. Some common injury causing accidents are outlined below:

Serious spinal injuries need specialist medical treatment, care and rehabilitation to help recovery. This may take many forms, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and counselling.

The seriousness and complexity of spinal injury claims means that specialist legal help should be sought. We can give you access to the very best spinal injury solicitors in the UK and have helped many clients to achieve the compensation they needed and deserved. Compensation payouts for spinal injuries are usually much higher than other injuries due to the seriousness and effect on quality of life.

Making a spinal injury compensation claim

As well as awarding compensation as damages for the injury, spinal injury claims can include claims for expenses caused by the accident. This can cover a wide variety of scenarios such as modifications to accommodation, medical and rehabilitation costs. Damages are normally also awarded to cover the cost of expensive care that is often required.

As always, we accept claims on a no win no fee basis, ensuring whatever the outcome, it usually costs you nothing.

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