Passenger Injury Claim

It’s not just drivers that are entitled to compensation. We can also help you make a passenger injury claim if you have been hurt in an accident.

Providing your actions haven’t caused the incident, Injuries Direct will fight your case every step of the way.

We have a 97% success rate for all compensation claims, and pride ourselves on the fantastic service we offer our clients.

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Passenger Accident Compensation

Passengers are generally in a strong position to make a claim following an accident as it is difficult to cause it when you have no control over the vehicle.

In most cases, a claim for passenger accident compensation can be made if the driver of the vehicle you were in was at fault, or if you were both affected by the error of a person in another form of transportation.

We can help you claim from the person at fault’s insurance company, getting you the compensation you deserve for your injuries, damages and other losses.

When You Can Make a Passenger Injury Claim

A passenger injury claim can be made whether you were travelling in a private vehicle with a friend, family member or work colleague. They can also be made if you were on public transport at the time, such as a bus, train or aeroplane.

When on the road (or elsewhere in terms of public transport), a driver has the responsibility for the safety of his passengers. They must therefore drive in a manner that adheres to laws of the road and is suitable for its conditions.

At Injuries Direct we often find that the most common passenger injury claim involves some form of whiplash injury. Our experienced solicitors are experts when it comes to winning compensation for whiplash victims.

Make a Passenger Accident Compensation Claim

Injuries Direct make the process of making a passenger accident compensation claim quick and easy. Our years of experience mean we know exactly what steps to take in order to get you the result you deserve.

If you are worried about the financial affect on a friend or family member, do not panic. All passenger injury claims will be paid by their insurance company, leaving them with no worse than a slightly higher insurance premium.

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