Public Liability Claims

Have you suffered an accident in a public place? Did you know you could claim compensation if it was not your fault? We can help you.

If you were injured in a public place through no fault of your own then Injuries Direct can help you to claim maximum compensation in the shortest possible time. We have unrivalled knowledge and experience in making public liability compensation claims.

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Most people take care whilst they are outside to ensure they minimise the risk of being injured. Sometimes however, an accident cannot be avoided due to circumstances out of your control. If you are injured in a public place and the accident was not your fault, you may be able to make a public liability compensation claim.

Public liability includes any area owned by a business, council or other body in which they hold a duty of care for the safety and protection of those who visit the premises. In most cases where an accident occurs, those responsible have acted in a negligent way and therefore the incident could have been avoided if the correct safety procedures were adhered to.

Areas that pose any particular risk need to be maintained by those responsible for it. If they have failed to do so, they will be liable for any public liability personal injury compensation claims against them.

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Public Liability Claim Types

At Injuries Direct we can help you with any of the following public liability claims for compensation:

  • Accidents on school premises
  • Being injured by sharp, protruding objects
  • Being injured whilst visiting a theme park/other tourist attraction
  • Objects falling from height in a public area/shop
  • Slips and trips in public places
  • Slipping on an un-gritted snowy/icy pavement
  • Slipping on unsigned wet floors in shops/supermarkets/other buildings
  • Tripping and injuring yourself on a pothole on the pavement
  • Tripping on a faulty/defective staircase
  • Tripping over objects that have been left dangerously on a public route

The potential list for public liability claims is vast and therefore the list above is not exhaustive. If you believe you may be entitled to compensation for any other accident which you have suffered in a public place, do not hesitate to contact Injuries Direct for free, impartial advice.

Please note that any slipping or tripping accident which occurs at your place of work will not be recorded as a public liability accident. Instead, normal work accident compensation claim procedures would follow against your employers, as they are responsible for your safety during your time at work.

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Making a Public Liability Claim for Compensation

Steps should be taken in order to maximise your chances of being awarded compensation for a public liability accident. If in a shop or other building, your accident should be reported to staff and recorded in a log book. When outside, for example a trip or slip on a faulty pavement, witness statements and/or pictures of the offending area can act as solid evidence for your claim. In the case of pictures, acting quickly can ensure that evidence of the fault was accounted for, before whoever is responsible for it has the chance to repair the damage.

Making a public liability claim for compensation can help you if you are injured and prevented from working, or want repaying for damages/losses you may have encountered as a result.

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