Package Holiday Claims

Have you suffered an injury or illness while on holiday? Did you know you can still claim compensation even if the accident happened abroad?

Injuries Direct can help you if you have become ill or been injured in an accident that was not your fault while on holiday. We have expert knowledge of getting people just like you the maximum amount of compensation possible.

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Holidays are meant to be an enjoyable experience – time to relax and to get away from the stresses of everyday life. Unfortunately, many don’t take into account the fact that an accident can still happen abroad, and their precious time away can be ruined as a result. If you have been injured whilst on holiday, you may be entitled to make package holiday claims for compensation.

Countries abroad have varying levels of health and safety practices and therefore accidents can potentially happen more easily and more frequently. When your holiday has been booked through a tour operator as part of a package, you are legally protected for any accidents or injuries that you suffer whilst on the holiday. This is because the tour operator has a duty of care for you from beginning to end of your time with their company. If rules have not been followed then they will be liable for any holiday accident claims made against them.

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Examples of Holiday Accident Claim

From the start of your holiday to the end, if you are under the care of a package holiday tour operator they are responsible for any accidents that may occur. This includes:

  • Accidents whilst being transferred to/from your resort hotel
  • Becoming ill due to poor general hotel hygiene
  • Being injured on the plane to/from your holiday destination
  • Food poisoning from your hotel restaurant
  • Injuries caused by faulty/dangerous equipment in your hotel room
  • Tour operator managed holiday excursions

There are many more ways in which your holiday could be ruined by an unnecessary accident. For more information on whether you have a valid holiday accident claim, don’t hesitate to call our friendly, professional team for further advice.

It is important to reiterate the fact that the majority of claims can only be made where the tour operator has some kind of responsibility. If you have been injured in a town centre abroad and have gone there on your own will without using an official guide or excursion, it is unlikely a holiday accident claim can be made. You may however be able to claim by using that country’s own legal system, but this is obviously somewhat more complex.

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Package Holiday Claims Solicitor

Due to the nature of these cases, when you call us to make your claim we’ll aim to put you in contact with one of our package holiday compensation claim solicitors as soon as possible. A solicitor is the best way to have legal representation when it comes to securing the full amount of compensation available to you for injuries suffered when abroad.

Your package holiday claims solicitor will look at the circumstances of the accident and work out how it could have been avoided. They will look into proving on legal grounds how your tour operator is liable for the incident and will take steps to claiming personal injury compensationfor you.

Making Package Holiday Claims for Compensation

The Package Travel Regulation 1992 sets out the rules regarding making claims for accidents that happen when abroad. It states how package holiday claims for compensation must be made against the tour operator from the traveller’s own country of residence. This means that they avoid having to take on foreign, often more complex legal systems.

If you have had an accident whilst on holiday which was not your fault, we can help you make a holiday accident claim for what you are entitled to. For more information contact Injuries Direct on0800 2800 979 or fill in our Contact form

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