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Have you suffered injury in an accident while serving in the military? Did you know you still have the right to make a civil compensation claim?

If you were injured while serving in the military and it was not your fault, and did not happen in the course of battle, then Injuries Direct can help you to claim the maximum amount of compensation available in the shortest possible time.

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Armed Forces Compensation Claims

Although most people wouldn’t view serving in the armed forces as a regular job, your employer still holds a duty of care for your safety whilst you are working for them. They should ensure the risks are minimised and that they are doing all that is possible to reduce the chance of harm or injury. If you have been injured whilst working for one of the armed forces, we can help you make a military accident compensation claim.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD), as with all other employers is legally obliged to protect their employees as best they can and if you have been injured in a military accident after the 15th May 1987 you may be entitled to claim military personal injury compensation.

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Of course if you are sent to battle and are injured in the course of this then the likelihood of being hurt is far more likely. Unfortunately we cannot help you make a claim in these circumstances and currently the MOD has its own compensation system in place for personnel injured in the course of battle. However, if you have been injured elsewhere during your time with the MOD, in training or elsewhere then your military injury compensation claim can be made with our unrivalled assistance.

Military Injury Compensation Claim Types

The following list includes examples of injuries that a military accident claim can be made:

  • Aircraft/Parachute accidents
  • Being crushed by objects falling from height
  • Chemical accidents/spills
  • Criminal injuries and assault
  • Deafness and tinnitus
  • Friendly fire accidents
  • Industrial Illness
  • Injuries caused by faulty equipment
  • Medical negligence when being treated
  • Road/Vehicle accidents
  • Slipping and tripping accidents
  • Training exercise accidents

If you have been injured in any other type of military accident then it is worth getting in contact with us for free, impartial legal advice on making a claim for military personal injury compensation.

Military Aircraft Accident Claim

The use of aircraft in the armed forces is extremely important in order to get from place to place quickly. Aircraft can be used to transport personnel to where they need to be in the most efficient way. It can also be used to survey an area or to conduct an attack. However, as with all forms of travel there are risks involved when using an aircraft.

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All aircraft used by the forces needs to be checked and maintained regularly in order to minimise the risks of things going wrong. Many of the aircraft vehicles used in the army are old and therefore this is especially important. As well as this, the vehicle needs to be operated in the correct manner by a trained pilot. If an accident occurs because of the negligent actions of the military, you may be entitled to make a military aircraft accident claim.

Making Military Accident/Military Negligence Claims for Compensation

With increasing numbers of troops fighting in places such as Afghanistan to protect the world from terrorism, there are likely to be more and more injuries to innocent victims who just want to do their job to the best of their ability.

Whilst working for the military you have the right to be protected from harm, and the MOD has the responsibility for doing this. However, we understand that this does not always happen, and here at Injuries Direct we can provide you with a solicitor who specialises in claims for military personal injury compensation in the unfortunate event that an accident does happen.

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