Surgical Error Compensation Claims

Have you suffered an injury due to a surgeon’s incompetence? We can help you to claim the compensation needed to get your life back on track.

All operations carry an element of risk, whether big or small. Unfortunately on rare occasions things go wrong due to human error or negligence. Injuries Direct can help you if you have been through this terrible ordeal.

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Having to go to hospital for any surgery or operation causes anxiety and is a stressful time for the majority of people. Nobody enjoys the thought of having surgery and it is only natural to feel nervous about an operation, big or small.

However, an element of trust is put in the doctors and surgeons that will inevitably carry out the surgery. We know deep down that it is highly unlikely something will go wrong. The UK has a world-renowned health service and for the majority of the time, upholds very high standards of patient care.

Unfortunately, accidents and mistakes can and often do happen. Nevertheless, when they do nothing can prepare the victims of surgical errors for the life-changing affects this can have.

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Surgical Errors – Caused by Clinical Negligence

Obviously, there are risks with all types of surgery and operation. From the initial anaesthetic to going under the knife, there are many dangers posed to a patient undergoing surgery. However, these risks are fairly minimal, and a sufficiently trained and experienced surgeon should know exactly what to do to minimise these risks.

However, sometime mistakes are made due to an error that the surgeon makes. This can either be from human error or from a case of medical negligence, usually because they have attempted surgery that they are not sufficiently trained for. These cases can generally be avoided.

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Example Surgical Error Types

  • Surgery carried out unnecessarily making a problem worse or developing a new medical problem.
  • Surgery carried out on the wrong body part.
  • Cutting/damaging bodily organs, tissue, nerves or veins during surgical procedures.
  • Causing bodily infection due to lack of hygiene or dirty surgical tools.
  • Leaving surgical implements inside the body.

Surgical errors from medical negligence can cause further illness and need for further operations or treatment. They can have long-term physical and psychological affects for those who have suffered the negligence, and cause anxiety to them and their close family.

Making a Surgical Error Clinical Negligence Claim

Claiming for surgical errors is a complex process and therefore it is important to have a trained clinical negligence solicitor helping you make your claim. At Injuries Direct we can put you in contact with some of the best solicitors in this field. We have years of experience recovering compensation for victims of clinical and medical negligence.

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