Failed Sterilisation Claims

Have you undergone a vasectomy or sterilisation procedure that has not gone as planned? If so we can help you to claim compensation for the experience that you have gone through.

Vasectomies and sterilisations are common everyday procedures that on the vast majority of occasions go completely to plan. Unfortunately in some rare instances they are not performed successfully. Injuries Direct can get you compensation if you have undergone a procedure which was unsuccessful.

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Sterilisation and vasectomies are procedures carried out to prevent a couple from conceiving a child. There may be a number of reasons for doing this; from purely not wanting any more children due to their family being big enough for them already, to other personal reasons such as not wanting to run the risk of ever having children.

Many people undergo sterilisation operations; more men than women receive a vasectomy due to its simpler, safer and less invasive procedure. In the majority of cases this is done quickly and effectively, and there are no problems with it at all.

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However, mistakes in surgery are often made and this can lead to unexpected pregnancy – especially upsetting when you’ve had to go through the stress and anxiety of having an operation.

This is particularly the case for women, who have to undergo much more detailed, invasive surgery to have a sterilisation procedure. Many women who are sterilised do so for an underlying reason, as the process is much more difficult for surgeons to carry out than the male equivalent. Therefore, a failed sterilisation is likely to cause a degree of stress to the woman, as their reasons for not wanting to conceive a child are usually stronger.

Failed Sterilisation Claims for Medical Negligence

Claiming for medical negligence after a failed sterilisation is a complicated process and therefore it is important to obtain the services of a medical negligence solicitor to manage your case. The reasons for it being complicated usually stem from the argument that not all procedures – and more often vasectomy’s are a permanency as natural sperm tubes can grow back, which could potentially lead to a pregnancy if unprotected sex is performed.

However, it seems to be a trend that the quicker a baby is conceived after a sterilisation or vasectomy, the higher the chance that there was a mistake caused by medical negligence. This is generally a mistake on the part of the doctor/surgeon in charge of the operation.

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Making a Failed Sterilisation Claim

If you have become a victim of a failed sterilisation then it may be possible to make a claim for compensation against the medical professional or body that carried out your operation. Our trained medical negligence solicitors will be able to look at whether there is a claim to be made, and if so get you the compensation you are entitled to.

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