Cancer Misdiagnosis Claims

Cancer treatment is improving day by day. With the right diagnosis and treatment, developing cancer no longer means that death is a certainty. New cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, radiology and better surgical procedures can reduce the risk of death to cancer patients.

Unfortunately, not all cancer patients are diagnosed properly. As cancer is an aggressively developing illness, which can affect many parts of the body, diagnosis needs to be efficient and subsequent treatment needs to be fast and appropriate to maximise the chances of survival. However, mistakes are often made by the medical professionals who are trained to carry out such a job. These mistakes can have detrimental consequences for the cancer sufferer and their family.

Cancer Misdiagnosis – Slow or Failed Diagnosis

There are two main types of cancer misdiagnosis. The first of these, and by far the most dangerous, is being told you don’t have cancer when in fact you do. You may have undergone tests in a hospital and been told by your doctor that they did not believe you had cancer. Or, after further tests the results may have come back negative when they shouldn’t have done.

The affects of not having your cancer correctly diagnosed is likely to have life-changing consequences. It can either mean that the cancer will develop into a more aggressive form, meaning much harder treatment will need to be endured by the patient. Subsequently, more aggressive cancer is likely to lead to shorter-life expectancy, and in the worst of cases, the tumour will grow to the extent that no amount of treatment will be able to cure the patient – resulting in imminent death.

Cancer Misdiagnosis –False Diagnosis

Cancer can also be misdiagnosed when someone is told they have cancer when they don’t. Although this is not necessarily life-threatening, believing you have cancer can cause you and your family a huge amount of anxiety, stress and possibly depression. You may not be able to live your life to the full due to the worry caused by believing you have cancer, and a misdiagnosis in this way will leave you wanting answers into why the mistake was made in the first place.

Making a Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claim

If you or someone you know has suffered from a cancer misdiagnosis, you may be able to make a compensation claim against the medical professional or organisation responsible for it. By using our services you will be put in contact with some of the top medical negligence claims solicitors available, who will have years of experience in securing compensation for victims of cancer misdiagnosis.

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