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If you have been involved in an accident with a lorry, we can help you make a lorry accident claim.

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Lorry Accident Compensation Claims

Because of their large size, there is generally a higher risk driving near a HGV than there are with other, smaller vehicles.

Inexperienced drivers can be particularly vulnerable to lorry accidents, especially on motorways. Those not used to long-distance driving are often not aware of the importance of giving the vehicles more space and margin for error.

If you believe that a lorry driver’s actions have caused your accident then we can help. We offer expert lorry accident compensation claims advice. Any questions you may have about your accident, our trained claims handlers are available to take your call.

Examples of Lorry Accident Claims

Unfortunately there are a number of lorry drivers that don’t pay the due care and attention on the roads and therefore cause accidents, which can sometimes have fatal consequences.

Despite just 8% of road accidents involving lorries, they contribute to 26% of all casualties. Lorry accidents commonly happen when:

  • There is a head-on collision with a lorry on a single carriageway road
  • A lorry cuts in front of a vehicle causing them to go into the back of them
  • The lorry driver does not look for/see a passing vehicle on the motorway before moving out
  • The lorry jackknifes in wet/slippery conditions causing multiple collisions
  • Vehicles in front of the lorry brake too quickly for it to slow down in time

Around 20,000 people are injured every year in a lorry accident, whilst nearly twice as many HGV’s are involved in fatal accidents that cars.

Make a Lorry Accident Compensation Claim

If you haven’t directly caused the accident, Injuries Direct can assist you in making a lorry accident compensation claim.

We can help you recover money for losses, damages and any personal injuries that you may have suffered as a result from an unnecessary accident.

Our dedicated road accident solicitors have years of experience helping innocent victims of lorry accidents get the compensation they deserve.

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