Carrying and Lifting Injury Claims

Have you suffered an injury while moving items at work? We can get you the compensation you deserve, with our expert knowledge of carrying and lifting injury claims.

Injuries are easily sustained while lifting, carrying or handling objects if it is not done in a safe manner. Problems such as back and muscle damage can mean taking extended periods of time off work and having to suffer financially as a result. Injuries Direct can help!

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Lifting at work

The lifting and carrying of heavy objects can be one of the workplace’s most dangerous activities. Fortunately, the majority of employers are aware of this and provide their staff with extensive training into lifting and carrying best practice. However, sometimes training gets missed out and this is when accidents can happen. If you have been injured in a lifting or carrying accident, we may be able to help you make a carrying or lifting injury claim for compensation.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics suggest that 40% of all serious workplace accidents involve manual handling – with common injuries including back pain, and muscular damage. Manual handling covers a range of accidents; as well as lifting and the carrying of heavy objects, the putting down, pushing or pulling and other forms of moving are also included within this type of claim.

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Lifting and carrying accidents can also happen in a range of workplaces. Obviously, the most common of these includes warehouses and factories, where heavy lifting is common place. However, these types of accidents at work can occur elsewhere, wherever lifting or carrying could be involved, even if not as common practice. In all cases, if the correct training is not offered to staff members, the results can end up in personal injury for the unfortunate victim.

Minimising the Lifting and Carrying Injury Risk

Both employers and employees should be taking steps to ensure that lifting and carrying accidents do not happen. The employer should:

  • Review current working practices and make a list of changes to be made
  • Carry out risk assessments in order to determine what risks the changes will pose
  • Cut out all unnecessary manual handling work
  • Provide suitable, tested lifting equipment if necessary
  • Make sure enough staff are employed so it’s not just one employee taking on all heavy lifting tasks
  • Make sure proper health and safety accredited training is provided

An employee should:

  • Co operate with employers on all matters of training and health and safety
  • Make sure they report any dangerous working practices they believe could cause harm to themselves or others
  • Use any provided safety equipment

Ultimately it is the responsibility of the employer to protect you from lifting and carrying accidents on their premises and they should provide full and appropriate training for this. If they have done so and you have been injured because you have not followed the guidelines set out in company practice, it is unlikely you will be able to make full carrying or lifting claims for compensation. However, if your employer has been negligent and failed to do this, it is possible to make acompensation claim against them.

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Making a Lifting and Carrying Accident Claim for Compensation

Accident at work claims are made against the insurance company of your employer, meaning they are not affected financially directly. This is something that many are not aware of when thinking about making a claim, and is particularly beneficial if you are still on good terms with them following your accident. What is important to remember is that your lifting and carrying accident claim is likely to make your employer realise the dangers and therefore put in place rules and guidelines to prevent it happening again to one of your colleagues.

Compensation can go towards your loss of earnings during this time, as well as any other financial losses and damages towards your injury. If you are interested in making a lifting and carrying accident claim for compensation, do not hesitate to contact us for free, professional advice. CallInjuries Direct on 0800 2800 979, or fill in our Contact form.

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