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Leg injuries can be extremely painful and frustrating injuries to suffer. Because we rely so much on our legs for mobility, an injury can be greatly incapacitating and have a deep impact on you, your family and everyday life. It can also result in having to take an extended period of time off work. This is especially true in jobs where mobility is crucial, such as a job in construction. A leg injury claim for compensation can be crucial in such circumstances, and can include cover for lost earnings.

Common accidents that result in leg injuries

Leg injuries can happen in a variety of different accidents. If the injury was caused by an incident that was not your fault, then making a leg injury claim is your legal right. Some of the common leg injury causing accidents are shown below:

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Types of leg injury

Leg injuries vary greatly in their severity and damage they cause. Broken and fractured bones are common, but so is muscle and ligament damage, and bruising and lacerations too. The term leg is often used generically to cover a wider section of the human body, and so more detailed descriptions are shown below.

Hip injuries
Hip injuries can occur in serious impact accidents. However, older people are more vulnerable to hip injuries and can suffer them in low impact falls…read more on hip injury claims.

Knee injuries
The knee is a complicated and important joint meaning injuring it can have serious consequences on your quality of life. A compensation claim can be crucial to get your life back on track after a knee injury…read more on knee injury compensation.

Foot and ankle injuries
Foot and ankle injuries are common in trips and falls. The foot is made up of many bones and ligaments, meaning injury is all too easy…read more on foot injury compensation.

Making a leg injury claim

Making a leg injury claim through Injuries Direct is a simple, stress free process. If the accident was not your fault then on top of claiming compensation, you should be able to claim back expenses caused by your injury, such as expensive medical costs or earnings lost through not working. We accept cases on a no win no fee basis, meaning that in many cases it costs you nothing!

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