Laser Eye Surgery Errors Compensation Claims

Has your sight been damaged by laser eye surgery? We can help you to claim compensation for your injury.

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An increasing number of people are deciding to undergo laser eye surgery to improve their eyesight and ultimately, their quality of life. Despite the excellent safety record of these operations, mistakes do unfortunately still happen. If your sight has been damaged during laser eye surgery, we can help you claim laser eye surgery compensation.

Laser eye surgery is where a computer controlled laser slowly and delicately reshapes the cornea. This aims to resolve any current sight difficulties and drastically improve the person’s vision to the point where they no longer require extra visual aid in the form of glasses or contact lenses.

Eyes are the most sensitive part of the body, and sight is, arguably, the most important of the body’s senses. Having your sight damaged by laser eye surgery gone wrong is likely to have long term affects that will hugely reduce your quality of life. A lot of trust is put into doctors who carry out such a delicate procedure, but the vast majority would expect the procedure to be delivered with the highest of standards.

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Types of Laser Eye Surgery Error

There are a number of ways in which laser eye surgery can go wrong. These include:

  • Corneal Ectasia (build up of fluid on the eye)
  • Failing to diagnose retinal detachment/retinal tears
  • Failing to diagnose glaucoma
  • Failure to diagnose malignancy
  • Laser surgical accidents
  • Misdiagnosing eye conditions

There are many more ways in which eyesight can be damaged in laser eye surgery errors caused by medical negligence. If these or any other kind of accident has occurred to you and you want to make a claim for compensation, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Deciding to have laser eye surgery is unlikely to be an easy choice and just the thought of the procedure would cause anxiety for the calmest of people. Therefore something going wrong due to negligence of the surgeon would be deeply upsetting for the victim and their family and would be likely to have a lasting detrimental effect.

Medical professionals have a duty of care for your safety when it comes to any procedure, including laser eye surgery. They must be appropriately trained in their field and take all necessary steps possible to prevent errors from occurring. Laser eye surgery claims can be made where it can be proven that the person carrying out your procedure was liable for your injuries.

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Making a Laser Eye Surgery Errors Compensation Claim

Laser eye surgery error claims are complex and therefore need an experienced, knowledgeable solicitor to lead it. At Injuries Direct we have access to a panel of some of the UK’s top medical negligence solicitors who are able to get compensation for laser eye surgery injuries.

Laser eye surgery errors can have a terrible effect on yours and your loved ones lives and therefore it is only right that you can claim for compensation for the losses you incur, along with damages for the pain and suffering caused.

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