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Knee Injury

Possible Knee Injury Compensation Payout £1,000 - £53,000.

Persons who fall down or are in car accidents often do not feel pain in their knee until the next day. Knee injuries from car accidents are common. Injuries to the knee from car accidents occur when a sudden violent impact to the knee or a severe twisting or hyperextension of the leg results in trauma to the knee. In car accidents, a victim's knee can hit some internal part such as the steering column, dash board, door, window, and even roof of the vehicle if the incident involves rollovers.

The most common type of knee injury from car accidents is an ACL injury, or damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This type of injury accounts for nearly 3/4 of all knee injuries and is most common in high-impact sports. ACL knee injury from car accidents occur when the knee joint is forced into extreme torsion causing the ACL to stretch or even tear. The severity of these types of injuries vary depending on the extent of damage to the ACL. The ACL can tear resulting in mild pain without joint instability. A complete rupture can occur between the ligament and the bone resulting in severe disability and complete loss of stability in the joint.

ACL knee injury from car accidents can be very painful and disabling. Victims may not have full use of the affected leg for some time. ACL knee injury from car accidents is diagnosed through the use of a scan. Extended healing time with support braces and other medical rehabilitative therapies must be undertaken after a knee injury from a car accident.

Another less common type of knee injury from car accidents is injury to the MCL or Medial Collateral Ligament. This type of knee injury from car accidents occurs less often but is sustained more easily if the impact in an accident damages these ligaments. The MCL is located on the inner side of the knee area but outside the knee joint. The LCL, or Lateral Collateral Ligament, can also be damaged in a knee injury from car accidents. Victims who have suffered an MCL or LCL knee injury from a car accident may hear and feel a pop in the affected knee. The symptoms and treatment of these knee injuries closely resemble those of an ACL injury.

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