Hysterectomy Complications Claim

Have you experienced complications after a hysterectomy? We help people like you claim compensation if negligence has caused further health problems.

Many women undergo hysterectomies every year in the UK. Unfortunately, on rare occasions further complications can happen, sometimes caused by the negligence of the medical staff involved. Injuries Direct can help you to claim compensation and get your life back on track.

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A hysterectomy is where a woman has her uterus removed to prevent her from having more children. A woman may choose to have this done for personal reasons, or be required to have it done for medical purposes. Although there are risks involved, a hysterectomy is a relatively safe and straightforward procedure.

Despite modern day safety, it’s an unfortunate fact that mistakes do happen and hysterectomy complications can occur. One of the most common accidents includes tearing the bowel or bladder. In many cases where a claim for medical negligence is made, the surgeon has failed to notice the mistake and has left it to get worse. If a surgeon has noticed a mistake, and has rectified the problem there and then successfully, it is unlikely a hysterectomy complications claim could be made.

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Examples of Hysterectomy Complications

The main problems involved in a hysterectomy are of a damaged bowel and bladder. Piercing of the bladder can lead to incontinence or leaving the woman suffering with little control over when they urinate. Bowel damage can also lead to more serious complications such as faecal matter leaking into the abdominal cavity, which can cause peritonitis and sepsis. This may leave the victim needing a colostomy bag; which for many would be extremely embarrassing.

Other hysterectomy complications include:

  • Blood Loss – Some women may lose a dangerous amount of blood and require a transfusion as a result.
  • Infection – Can occur as a result of a hysterectomy procedure.
  • Vaginal Problems – This may be especially sore and painful, particularly at the top where the cervix was removed.

If you have had any other post hysterectomy complications and believe you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation, do not hesitate to contact us for free, professional advice.

Medical professionals, both in the NHS and of private practices have a duty of care for their patients and must uphold the highest of standards when carrying out procedures such as hysterectomies. If there has been medical negligence is something as delicate as this, the post hysterectomy complications are likely to be detrimental to your quality of life.

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Making a Hysterectomy Complications Claim for Compensation

Due to the complicated nature of hysterectomy complication claims, it is important to have a specialist solicitor to look at your case. At Injuries Direct we have access to some of the country’s top medical negligence solicitors who are experts at getting the full amount of compensation you are entitled to.

Compensation cannot take away physical pain, however it may ease the difficulties of the hysterectomy complications by improving your quality of life when it has been unfairly changed. For more information about making a hysterectomy complications claim, contact our team atInjuries Direct on 0800 2800 979, or complete our Contact form.

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