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Hand injuries are extremely common and can be very painful. The hand is a complicated limb made up of many bones, muscle, tendons and nerves. In fact the hand and wrist consist of a total of 27 bones.

Hands are of course vitally important to perform most everyday tasks. Simple procedures such as cleaning, feeding or typing are entirely dependant on them. A hand injury therefore can be extremely frustrating as well as painful. It can also mean taking time off work, as many jobs whether manual or clerical become impossible. If the injury has caused damage to the arm as well, read more on arm injury claims here.

If the hand injury was caused through no fault of your own, then a hand injury claim for compensation can become vital to help you though a difficult time.

Common accidents that result in hand injuries

The list of situations where a hand injury can occur is endless. Some of the most common though are listed below.

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Hand injuries at work

Hand injuries are especially common in accidents at work. Frequently these come from touching moving parts on a machine that has not had a safety guard fitted. This can result in breaks, lacerations or in serious cases amputation of one or more fingers. Accidents where the hand is crushed beneath or between heavy objects are also very common at work. It is an employer’s responsibility to protect the safety of its employees. If an accident has occurred then there is a good chance they have failed in this respect and you should be able to get compensation for your injuries. Employers have insurance that covers claims against them and are prohibited by law from taking disciplinary action against you for making a claim.

Vibration white finger is a condition caused by the use of vibrating machinery. More information on specifically making VWF compensation claims can be found here.

Making a hand injury claim

Making a hand injury claim is a simple and stress free process with Injuries Direct. We will handle everything for you, and make sure you get maximum compensation. We accept cases on a no win no fee basis, so that if your case is unsuccessful it won’t cost you a penny. All compensation and our fees are claimed from the insurance of the third party involved.

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