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Groin injuries are painful injuries which can have a great effect on the sufferer’s life. The term groin injuries can be used to describe any injury in that vicinity, although it commonly refers to the damage which is done if the muscle in the groin area is stretched and torn. These adductor muscles cause much pain if damaged and cause mobility problems too.

The adductor muscles are used in many everyday activities such as walking, driving and climbing stairs. It is clear then that a groin injury has a great effect on the sufferer’s life and can even cause them to take time off work. This can cause them financial hardship, which if caused through no fault of their own, can be extremely frustrating. In cases like this a groin injury claim can claim back the accident expenses and provide compensation for your suffering.

Some types of hernia are often classed as a groin injury. These are also caused by physical exertion and result in an internal part of the body pushing through weakness in outer tissue. This often happens in the abdomen and is often accompanied with pain and a lump.

Groin injury causes

Groin injuries are caused by putting great strain on the adductor muscles. This is commonly done by short periods of immense physical activity. An example of this would be lifting or moving large or heavy objects. An employer has a legal duty to protect employee’s health and safety at work. This includes providing training and equipment to enable heavy objects to be moved safely and without causing injury. If they fail in this duty, then an employee can make a groin injury claim against them. The employer is also prohibited by law from disciplining them for doing so.

Making a groin injury compensation claim

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