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The feet are crucial for both balance and movement, helping us to walk and run without difficulty. An injury to either or both feet therefore can have a serious effect on quality of life. If you suffered your injury in an accident that was not your fault then you may be able to claim foot injury compensation. Our team have specialist knowledge in foot injury claims and uses that knowledge to get you the maximum settlement amount.

Common accidents that result in foot injuries

Foot injuries are more common in some accidents then others. The majority of foot injuries are impact injuries, where the foot has received a great deal of force. For example this could be caused by dropping something heavy on it while lifting objects at work. Some of the common foot injury causing accidents are outlined below:

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Types of foot injury

Each foot is a complex part of the anatomy which is made up of 26 bones and 33 joints. For this reason it is an easy part of the body to injure. It is also for this reason that injuries can be complex and take time to heal. Some of the most common foot injuries are outlined below:

Broken and fractured bones
Broken bones in the foot can need a great deal of recovery time. This kind of injury can also mean having to take extended time off work, and suffering financially as a result. A foot injury compensation claim can get back lost earnings on top of any compensation money awarded.

Ligament damage
The foot is made up of many different muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is easy to rupture a ligament in a slip or fall, and this kind of injury can be just as painful as a broken bone.

Toe injuries
Feet and toes are frequently damaged by heavy objects being dropped on them at work. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure staff have adequate foot protection in many environments. If they fail in this respect a compensation claim may be possible.

Making a foot injury claim

If you have suffered injury when it was not your fault, then it can be extremely painful and frustrating. It is your legal right in such circumstances to seek compensation. If the accident happened at work, claims are made against the insurance provider for the business rather than the owner itself. Employers are also forbidden by law from disciplining staff in any way for making a claim against them. Don’t suffer for someone else’s negligence.

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