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Fall from Height Accident Examples

Some common examples of cases that we work on that involve falls from height include:

  • Falling from ladders
  • Falling through a roof
  • Falling from scaffolding

Falls from height are one of the biggest dangers posed to employees in the workplace. Currently more people die at work because of falling from height than any other way, whilst it also is a huge cause of serious personal injury. If you have been injured at work in this way, we can help you make a fall from height compensation claim.

Most people associate a falling from height accident as falling from scaffolding or a tall ladder and of course it is true that these qualify for such claims. However, fall from height compensation claims could be made after falling off your chair while changing a light bulb in the office, or on a stepladder when reaching for something on a warehouse shelf.

A fall from height accident is usually the result of inadequate or non-existent training on the employer’s part. Therefore a claim for negligence can be made if it is proven that you were not trained how to avoid the accident by your employer or anyone responsible for your safety at the workplace.

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Common Fall from Height Accident Scenarios

Falling from height is most frequently common at construction sites. Unfortunately they are very common occurrence and there always seems to be reports of someone being injured or worse, suffering a fatality because of an unnecessary fall.

Ladder falls are incredibly frequent for a number of reasons. Sometimes they can be unsuitable for the job being carried out and the person trying to use it is not aware of this due to a lack of safety training. In other cases the ladder may not have been properly maintained and have faults with the rungs. Rubber grips may be missing from handles or the feet of the ladder may not have proper anti-slip surfaces to prevent them from toppling over.

Fall from height accidents are not just confined to construction sites however. Warehouses and even office environments are frequently known to have this type of accident on their premises, leading to a fall from height compensation claim.

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Preventing a Fall from Height Accident

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 was designed to protect staff from the dangers of falls from height. It made it the duty of the employer to prevent work accidents and injuries happening by providing appropriate training and carrying out risk assessments before any job is carried out.

Where possible, employers should avoid asking staff to carry out work from height tasks but when this is absolutely necessary, the correct safety equipment should be provided. This includes stable platforms rather than ladders, wearing safety harnesses and providing safety barriers. Employers should be more concerned with the safety of their staff, rather than getting the job completed in the quickest time possible.

Making a Fall from Height Compensation Claim

If you have been injured in a fall from height accident and you believe you may be entitled to make a injury compensation claim, do not hesitate to contact us for free, professional advice. Falls from height can cause devastating injuries, and can lead to the victim being out of work for a long time. Compensation can help with lost income through this period, as well as any other lost money for medical fees and for injury damages.

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