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Many people in the UK keep dogs as pets. A dog can provide love, affection and company as well as being a good way of keeping intruders away from your property. Unfortunately, sometimes a dog can bite or attack someone causing serious injury. This is particularly so if they believe they are at risk of harm themselves. If you have been injured by a dog we may be able to help you make a dog bite compensation claim.

Different types of animals can cause injuries to humans but dogs are the most common. 2008 figures suggest that 3,800 people suffer a dog bite every year, whilst many more go unreported. The most at risk of a dog attack are children under the age of nine, who more often than not don’t know how to act around a dog and can easily provoke them.

Surprisingly, a large bulk of dog bites happen in the home by animals kept as pets. Dog bite compensation cases attract a lot of media attention, particularly when it is a child who is injured. This also usually causes debate on whether the attack was down to the type of dog being dangerous, or whether the dog has been trained inappropriately by the owner.

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Dog Attack Compensation – Dangerous Dog Act 1991

In the early 1990’s following a string of dog attacks, the government introduced legislation banning certain breeds of dogs which were considered ‘dangerous’ in the UK. These were:

  • Dogo Argentino (Argentinean Mastiff)
  • Fila Braziliero (Brazilian Mastiff)
  • Japanese Tosa (Japanese Mastiff/Fighting Dog)
  • Pit Bull Terriers

These dogs are special cases and have been bred specifically for fighting. Therefore they are very aggressive in nature and only the most experienced of trainers can usually handle them. This is why they were banned under these laws, apart from under very exceptional circumstances.

However, it is not just these types of dog that can bite; nearly all breeds of dog have had cases of being aggressive or attacking a human, either because they are provoked or even unprovoked. A bite from any type of dog could be entitled to make a dog attack claim for compensation.

As well as children, those at risk of personal injury include people who go into the homes of members of the public, including postal delivery workers, gas/electric meter readers, couriers and care workers. Generally the dog may become aggressive in these circumstances as they have been trained to protect their territory.

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Making a Dog Bite Compensation Claim

If you or someone you know has been injured in a dog attack and you are looking to make a no win no fee claim for dog bite compensation, it is important that you sought immediate medical attention for your injuries and that these were recorded accordingly. You should also report the dog attack to the police as this will leave a record of the incident.

If the dog had a history of aggression in the past, it should be shown that the owner was aware of this and should have taken steps to protect members of the public by using a muzzle and a sturdy dog lead when taking it out in public.

Dog attack compensation can help if you have had to take time off work due to physical or psychological injuries in what can be a very traumatic experience. For more information contactInjuries Direct on 0800 2800 979 or fill in our Contact form

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