Making a claim for compensation with us is easy, and with a guarantee of a no win no fee compensation payout following a successful claim. Your claim will be looked after from start to finish by our dedicated team and you can have peace of mind that your claim for compensation will not cost you a penny.

Our Process

Speak with one of our advisors

Our visit to you

We will send one of our agents out to visit you, so you can sign the paper work and they can explain the process. This visit can be at a location and time convenient for you.

Your claim is sent to a specialist solicitor

Your claim will then get passed over to one of our panel solicitors, chosen by our claims handlers, so that you have a solicitor that specialises in your type of accident.

Your solicitor’s role

Your solicitor will communicate with the third party to arrange a medical appointment that will be close to where you live. This is to assess your injuries before your claim is sent to the third party’s solicitor with a request for a compensation payout.

Claim Accepted

The solicitor will negotiate with the third party about your compensation amount, fighting your corner and getting you the compensation payout you deserve. Your claim is then settled and you will be paid your compensation.

At Injuries Direct we are aware after many years experience helping people make compensation claims that being involved in an accident can totally disrupt your life. Our dedicated team will not only look after your personal injuries, but also with vehicle repair and temporary hire.

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