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Have you suffered from an arm injury in an accident where you were not to blame? Let the number one UK legal team claim compensation for you. Win or lose, you pay us nothing.

Arm injuries can happen in many different ways but Injuries Direct are specialists in all areas of personal injury, meaning we can get you the maximum amount of compensation.

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The arm is an extremely important part of the body which is used for most everyday tasks. Unfortunately it is also one of the easiest to injure. It can be extremely frustrating to suffer an arm injury as it can mean a period of time off work. It is not just manual jobs which can be tricky after suffering an arm injury, many office jobs can be difficult too. When the injury is not your fault then an arm injury claim for compensation should be part of the recovery process. If you have injured your hand specifically, find more information on hand injury claims here, or repetitive strain injury claims here.

Common arm injury causing accidents

Although arm injuries can happen in any accident, they are more common in some situations than others. A selection of common arm injury causing accidents are outlined below. Claiming compensation is possible in any situation where the injury was no fault of your own.

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Different types of arm injuries

Arm injuries can be minor or severe depending on the circumstances. The arm is a complex limb made up of bones and muscle tissue, which if damaged can have serious consequences. Some of the common injuries are shown below.

Fractures and breaks
A common impact injury suffered in slips and falls, they can take weeks to heal fully and may require some time off work.
Cuts, bruises and lacerations
These vary greatly in severity, with the most serious possibly leading to other conditions such as infection or amputation.
Sprained wrist
A painful injury which can make many everyday tasks impossible.
Dislocated elbow
Dislocations are extremely painful and can occur in impact accidents such as car crashes or sports activities. Ligaments can be damaged by the movement of the joint, which can take time to recover.
When the arm is so badly damaged that there is no chance of it healing successfully, unfortunately the only other option available is amputation.

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Making an arm injury claim

It is possible to make an arm injury claim in most cases where the injury was caused by an accident that was not your fault. Claims at Injuries Direct are accepted on a no win no fee basis. As well as getting money for your injury, you may be able to claim for any expenses and loss of earnings the injury has caused.

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