Anaesthesia Awareness Compensation

Have you suffered from anaesthesia awareness? We can get you compensation for your traumatic ordeal, due to our years of experience and knowledge.

Anaesthesia awareness is the term given to regaining some form of consciousness during a surgical procedure under general anaesthetic. Injuries Direct can help sufferers to make a claim for compensation from those responsible for the ordeal.

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What is it?

If a patient has not been given an adequate dose of anaesthetic before undergoing an operation, they may experience what is known as anaesthesia awareness. This can lead to life-long psychological affects, including post-traumatic stress disorder. If you have been unfortunate enough to experience this yourself, we can help you make a claim for anaesthesia awareness compensation.

Anaesthesia awareness is where a patient becomes conscious during surgery under general anaesthetic. Many are able to feel the pain or pressure from their surgical procedure, hear conversations from people in the room, or feel like they cannot breathe.

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Despite their minds being awake, the majority of people cannot move to inform surgeons of their consciousness as their anaesthetic contains a muscle paralytic/relaxant. The inability to communicate their pain with the outside world can cause extreme inner panic. Many anaesthesia awareness victims end up suffering with long-time psychological problems.

Anaesthesia Awareness – How common is it?

Around 0.1%-0.2% of patients who undergo surgery with a general anaesthetic are said to experience some form of anaesthesia awareness. However, these are of varying severities – ranging from full-blown awareness and pain, to being slightly aware of conversations and events during their surgery.

Statistics show that in those that experience anaesthesia awareness – 42% feel the pain of surgery, 94% experience panic, and 70% develop long-term psychological symptoms.

In the most severe of cases, a patient may experience post-traumatic stress disorder, which can lead to flash-backs, nightmares, insomnia or even suicidal thoughts.

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Anaesthesia Awareness – Caused by Medical Negligence

One of the most common causes of anaesthesia awareness is where there has been a lack of training into delivering the appropriate dose of general anaesthetic. They may also fail to monitor the patient adequately, or the anaesthetic machine may not be maintained.

A poorly maintained anaesthetic machine can lead to not enough anaesthetic vapour being available inside, meaning there is a poor mixture with the natural, breathable gases oxygen and nitrous oxide. Machines can also suffer leaks if they are not checked regularly. If not enough anaesthetic is delivered to the patient, they are much more likely to experience awareness during their surgical procedure.

Making an Medical Negligence Anaesthesia Awareness Claim

If you have suffered from anaesthesia awareness during an operation and you believe this was down to medical negligence and poor treatment, we may be able to help you make a claim for compensation.

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