Fork Lift Truck Accident Compensation Claims

Have you been in an accident at work that involved a fork lift truck? We have made our name by successfully winning people like you compensation for the injuries they have suffered.

Fork lift trucks are used in many workplaces across the country, making light work of heavy tasks. If they are used without the correct safety procedures however, they can be very dangerous machines. Injuries Direct has helped countless people injured in accidents that were not their fault.

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Reasons for fork-lift truck accidents include:

  • Heavy loads falling from the truck onto those around
  • The fork-lift truck toppling over due to imbalance
  • Colliding with a pedestrian
  • Crushing a pedestrian between the truck and another object
  • Crashing into an object or another fork-lift truck

Fork-lift trucks must be operated by someone with the correct training and always with a high degree of care and attention. If someone has been allowed to control a fork-lift truck without this, the employer becomes liable for breaching health and safety regulations. In cases like this, employers leave themselves open to fork lift truck accident compensation claims.

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As well as having a trained operator, preventative measures should be carried out in areas which use a fork-lift truck. High visibility jackets and protective hats should be worn, and the machine should be inspected regularly for signs of fault. Appropriate risk assessments should be carried out to highlight any other possible dangers posed to employees using the area to reduce the numbers of potential casualties.

Fork-lift accidents can cause injury to the driver, but even more worryingly it is shown that those on foot nearby are two-thirds more likely to be involved in an accident with a fork-lift truck than the person driving it. This is often due to the inexperience of the driver, and negligence of the employer for not providing appropriate training to them and those around the fork-lift truck.

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Being hit by vehicles

Regulation 17 of the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Act of 1992 states that pedestrians and vehicles must be able to move about their workplace in a safe manner and without danger to people working nearby. Where possible, pedestrians and vehicles should be segregated safely and traffic routes should be suitably signed. These include steps, staircases, fixed ladders, doorways, gateways, crossings, loading bays and ramps. This regulation can help you in recovering accident at work compensation for your injury and/or loss of earnings.

Fork-lift trucks are to blame for a large proportion of accidents in the workplace. They are used to retrieve, lift and place heavy items in work environments such as warehouses and DIY stores. For these reasons the potential dangers to those using and around a fork-lift truck are fairly high.

Making a fork-lift truck accident at work claim

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