Faulty Equipment Claims

Have you suffered an injury at work caused by faulty equipment? We are experts at getting people like you the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Using old, worn or poorly maintained equipment can in certain circumstances cause serious injury. These injuries can cause you to take time off work and suffer financially as a result. InjuriesDirect can get you the compensation that is your legal right.

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Accidents from faulty equipment include:

  • Collapsing scaffolding falling on you from a height
  • Falling from a ladder with an unsecured base or loose rung
  • Electrical shock from poorly wired tools/plugs
  • Injuries such as cuts, wounds, crushes through to full amputation of limbs after being caught on unguarded machinery or power tools
  • Getting objects caught in the eyes from a power tool and not wearing appropriate safety goggles
  • Being injured due to poor or inadequate staff training

It is the responsibility of the employer to implement these safety procedures in the workplace. If you suffer an accident due to faulty equipment and they have not taken measures to prevent it from happening, they could be liable for faulty equipment compensation claims against them.

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Preventing faulty equipment accidents

From tools on construction sites, to cleaning equipment and industrial machinery, if the equipment you use to carry out your daily job is faulty, it poses a real danger of causing a personal injury to you or a colleague.

To dramatically reduce the accident at work risk, all work equipment needs to be maintained properly and checked regularly to ensure that it is in good working use. As well as this, risk assessment tests need to be carried out on the machinery before it is used. All employees need to be trained appropriately on how to operate the equipment, and should be supervised whilst until they can use it competently and confidently. Also, if needs be, safety clothing should be worn when operating equipment, e.g. hard hats or fluorescent jacket.

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Faulty Equipment – Catching your hand in a machine

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Act of 1999 states employers are obliged to ensure that machines are appropriately guarded to prevent persons from catching their hands, clothing or other item in machinery that is likely to cause an injury. If a guard is not fitted or in fact it is not maintained and an injury is caused an employee will be able to make a claim for compensation against them.

Making a faulty equipment compensation claim

Unfortunately, accidents often do happen and for that reason, employers are legally obliged to cover themselves with employers’ liability insurance in case of an accident injury on their premises. Any faulty equipment claim for compensation is made against the employer’s insurance company, and therefore will not affect their business personally. It may also force them to implement stricter health and safety practices and this may prevent a similar accident happening to a colleague in the future.

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