Accident at Home Claims

Have you suffered an accident at home? Did you know that in certain circumstances we can help get you compensation for your injuries?

If the accident was not your fault then Injuries Direct can help. We have a first class record of helping people to get the maximum amount of compensation available to them in the quickest possible time.

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For most, being inside your home makes you feel safer than anywhere else. As you are in familiar surroundings, you don’t expect anything bad to happen to you or loved ones when behind the safety of closed doors of your own house, flat or other accommodation. Unfortunately, accidents do occur in the home, often in incidents out of your control. If you have been injured in your home, we may be able to help you make an accident at home compensation claim.

Statistics show that around 2.7million people visit a hospital A&E department after sustainingpersonal injuries in an accident in their own home. Even more could experience accidents and decide not go to hospital. Sadly, approximately 4,000 people die in accidents at home in the UK – a startling number considering the relative safety the majority of people feel in their home environment.

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Examples of Accidents at Home

There a number of ways in which an accident at home can occur. The most common of these include:

  • Dangerous wiring/electrical equipment – Electrical products can pose one of the biggest threats in the home, especially if they are unsafe. Poorly wired plugs and sockets can also be hazardous, particularly to children. Electrical shocks or burns are a common injury within the house.
  • Faulty household products – Some houses may come ready-furnished with items owned by the landlord, whilst other times you may bring in your own furniture. Nasty injuries can be suffered when a product is faulty, for example a chair collapsing from underneath you.
  • Unsafe building work – Sometimes work carried out on your building is not up to standard. A roof may not have been plastered properly or windows fitted inadequately, which end up collapsing and causing you or your family serious injury.

There are of course many more ways in which you can be injured in the home from an accident that is not your fault.

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Accident at home claims can be made if your house is owned by yourself, you rent it from a landlord, or it is owned by your local council. Many council tenants and those in rental accommodation live in poor quality conditions and therefore accidents in the home are more likely to happen than you may think. Buildings that are neglected or poorly maintained are particularly susceptible to problems. If you find yourself in the situation and have been injured unnecessarily, call us for free advice.

Making an Accident at Home Claim for Compensation

Here at Injuries Direct we have access to specialist compensation claim solicitors to deal with whichever type of accident at home claim you may have. Our knowledge and experience means we can get results for you fast, and from the beginning to the end of your claim, you will feel in safe hands. This means you won’t have to stress over the details of your compensation claim, and can instead wait for the call telling you how much you are going to receive.

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